Thursday, 26 May 2011

MCM this weekend! Flyers!

This weekend I will be at MCM Expo in London. Sadly it clashes with Alternative Press Fair AND the opening of the new Get A Grip shop in Birmingham also this weekend, so those events will have some of my comics and stuff for sale on the communal tables but I won't be attending in person. I also have new flyers for all three events (images above and below!) See you at MCM Expo (and in your imagination at the other events)

Things I will be bringing to MCM expo include:

  • new patches
  • magnets
  • badges
  • mini comics
  • other comics
  • packed lunch (not for sale)

I might also bring some blank cards and sell drawings. I'm not sure what of but probably cats or unicorns I would expect. And I may or may not wear fancy dress.


Anonymous said...

I've seen your stand at previous expos but this was my first time getting one of your mini-comics. Your comic and drawings are absolutely charming, and I think that selling fabric badges was a great idea (my friend has a camp blanket covered in badges, so I got her the laptop one...)
Hope to see you again at future MCM expos!

Lizz said...

Thanks! I'm not sure if I'll be at the next one or not yet but if I am I'll add it to the tour list on here. Hope you had a fun time! :o)