Thursday, 10 February 2011

Zine News!

Birmingham Zine Festival is back for 2011! I'm part of the team organising it again this year and the date for the main part of the event, the stall day, is set for 9th July! It will be held at the We Are Birmingham shop. Check out the website, facebook page and twitter for updates to come very soon! There will be BUNTING!

In other zine related news, in January I was the lucky winner of the full set of Green Beans so far, issues 1-8 by Katie Green. I meant to blog about this ages ago but have only just had chance to read them all and they are fantastic- full of recipes and reviews and interviews. I recommend you go and check them out for yourself! (photo below borrowed from Katie's blog. Thanks again Katie, they really cheered up a wintery January!)

I also wanted to draw your attention to Norwich Zine Market which is this Saturday at Cherry Cherry shop! I live too far away to go myself but have sent a parcel of my books which will be for sale on the day with a market full of other exciting if you live near by be sure to go get your photo taking with John "Iron Fist" Limbo! (photos below borrowed from the facebook group!)

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Katie Green said...

Woo, thanks for the shout, Lizz! So glad you enjoyed them :)

Thanks for the link to Birmingham Zine Festival too....I've never been to Birmingham, but maybe this is just the opportunity. I reckon I'll be seeing you there!