Monday, 7 February 2011


This week only, in time for Valentines Day - every shop order will also get a free drawing of a UNICORN!* So if you're not sure what to buy for your loved one why not take a look. I can draw the unicorn on a card if requested!

*may not look as realistic as above image. If you hate Unicorns I can draw you a wolf instead and add a personal message if you want too!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea! And your shop is wonderful indeed. Unfortunatley, we don't need a unicorn right now - we are at our capacity in our barns & even have a few unicorns sharing a stable. (Don't tell PETA!)

But a very happy Valentine's Day to you, Lizz Lizz! May that evil wizard not overwork you. <:-)

Sparkle on,
Farmer McGlitter

shoes uk said...

i like your post and very inspire after see your collection. Is this a real pic wow. If this is true so please you share its video.