Monday, 24 January 2011

Christmas Present!

I wasn't going to blog about this but Dan Berry and Joe Decie have mentioned it on their blogs (and after seeing that Joe had written about a similar present of equal awesome magnitude that he had for his birthday) I figured I'd share too...

This Christmas my boyfriend arranged for a whole bunch of my comics friends to draw me a comic! All the work was compiled and printed into a real comic thanks to the help of BFF Timothy Winchester. Darren came up with the scenarios for each drawing based on things I like and this was the result!

Pages by John Allison, Darren Whitcombe, Timothy Winchester, Joe Decie, Greg McLeod, Joe List, Kayla Hillier, Dan Berry, Marc Ellerby, Bryony Matthewman, Tom Humberstone, Adam Cadwell, Luke Pearson and Philippa Rice,

A very excellent present indeed! Click the images to see them bigger!

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