Wednesday, 22 December 2010


What's that? Sick of reading comics online? Fed up of boring old print versions? Want to read comics in a new and exciting way? WELL NOW YOU CAN!

I'm very excited to announce that Thinktank Planetarium have asked me to create the first Fulldome (360-degree) Comic! At the moment we are trialling this strip from my new comic "At The Planetarium" which will be at the Planetarium with every pre-show at Thinktank right now!

The video below shows the way the comic will be shown with the panels orbiting the dome. I plan some full image comics for the dome next and some other space themed comic strips for people to enjoy before the show starts.

Traditional planetariums have a single star projector, but with a digital system the dome can be completely filled with colour and light (as shown in the image above!) This makes a perfect platform for a variety of film, animation, theatre and art shows....and now COMICS!

I've always been a big fan of Planetariums ever since my Mom took me to Liverpool Planetarium when I was little. The cover of my comic is actually based on Montreal Planetarium when I visited earlier this year. If you have never been to one before plan a visit for 2011! Thinktank Planetarium in Birmingham is the UK's most progressive digital planetarium and immersive theatre. Go join their Facebook group here or follow their twitter here for news of their upcoming shows.


Liz said...

Like wooaah! Nice one Lizz

aayushi said...

Wow!! very nice idea...