Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Online Comic! Your Opinions!

I plan to update the comic much more frequently from today. Look a new comic has appeared already! oh boy! ...and another one! Where are they all coming from? My brain.

I also plan to sprinkle in a few strips from my sold out comics "Waiting For Sushi", "I Love Dinosaurs", "Party Animals" and the zines "A Unicorn Trapped Under a Rainbow, Crying", "Beautiful Candle Boy" and "Yum". This is just because I don't intend to ever get these reprinted and a lot of the content really sets up the characters so I'd like people to read them who missed out. I won't be putting all the content online because I don't want to offend anyone who has spent money on the comics- they will still be special because there are no more copies and some of the stories will be exclusive to the print copies and not appear on the internet. YUP. If anyone has any thoughts on this I'm interested. Or indeed any thoughts at all, do comment. Take a look at this guy- He's worth a comment surely!

Also, I discovered today that my new comic At The Planetarium isn't working in the online shop! This will be fixed by the end of the week so if you have tried to buy one please get in touch or try again on Friday.

I also realise that I still need RSS feed for the online comic- this will happen soon (think of it as your Christmas present- other than that I only bought you coal)

And I plan to do a competition soon too. Maybe.



Anonymous said...

Yay Im really pleased you will be posting some strips from A Unicorn Trapped Under a Rainbow, Crying", "Beautiful Candle Boy" and "Yum" as I missed those!

I will be buying your new comic "At The Planetarium" very soon I promise! Look forward to more new comic stuff coming in the future! The new ones are as quirky and original as ever, love it!

That guy does definetly deserve a comment, he looks very debonare, I just wish his hat was at more of a jaunty angle! lol

Lizz said...

Thanks for the comment! Great, in that case I'll be adding some from the sold out comics in the next few weeks- first ones up today! :oD

Ooh if you are buying my new comic I will have a free gift offer this week, maybe tomorrow so look out for my tweets/facebook posts about it!