Friday, 11 June 2010

Merino Window!

These are a couple of photos I took of the Merino window display I painted with Greg McLeod this week as part of the Stratford-Upon-Avon Fringe Festival. For some better photos check out the Brothers McLeod flickr set!

This Saturday we will also be painting a wall at McKechnies independent tea and coffee shop, there will be music and coffee and I'll be bringing along some comics too.


Susan said...

That looks awesome! Seems like you've been up to lots of exciting stuff lately. We went for Pippin cos Pippy is not very cool, but we thought he might know his name a little so it's not too much of a change. Also we were watching The Two Towers at the time!! That'll be great you and Darren having a place together, also- you must come to Bristol and see Hector, we never saw you last time you were here :-( We have a proper spare room with a bed and all, so no hideously uncomfortable futon!! xx

St├ęphanie said...