Thursday, 10 June 2010

MCM was a couple o weeks ago now...

...but the brain dust has cleared and I finally have some photos and words.

Words of the weekend include- busy, fun, tired, noisy, good, headache, asleep (under my stall for a while), comics, fun, friends, sketchbooks, DLR, taxi, cat wee (don't ask), Marcus (from big brother 10), train, eurovision.

I was sharing a stall with the always lovely Bryony and Wirrow who had a vast array of shiny magical postcards (as shown above). Along with Timothy Winchester (who did all the hard work I must add) I ran the Dino-Saw-Us game for the second time, here we are as captured on the day (and every day)-

Dino-Saw-Us passports ran out pretty much on the first day, there were 530 total- if you filled one with stickers do send in a photo/scan/feedback to

And if you are interested here is a link to a few artists naming their favourite cosplayers of the weekend. Please ignore my part though because I say in almost monotone that I'm excited by King from Tekkan 5's pants. Twice. Yep. Smooth and cool, smooth and cool. Here, by the way, are King's pants in all their glory...

If it warrants explanation, if only for my own peace of mind- I meant that I was impressed that he had sewn the Tekken words ("Anger of Beast" is it?) by hand on to the pants and that it was a completely home made costume including realistic animal head. Other costumes I liked (and was equally excited by) include pacman man (below), the Colonel from KFC (who I chased after for a photo but missed sadly, I just wanted the secret recipe), Ace Ventura, the entire amazing scooby gang and Professor Layton.

Well done everyone, especially the organisers oh yes!

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