Saturday, 1 May 2010


This is a bit of a rushed blog post because tomorrow I will be flying to Canada for next week's Toronto Comics Art Festival! I'm not finished packing yet and it is already 2am... eek

I've always really wanted to go to Canada, these are some stamps (below) and a postcard (above) I had on my wall between the ages of 7 and 16 (until I had my room painted and took them down!) I found them in a box of old junk recently!

I have Tom Humberstone to thank for me being able to make the trip- I missed out on actually applying for a stall for TCAF but was Tom kindly invited me to share his stall. Sadly Tom is now unable to attend the event so I will be there selling the fantastic new issue of Solipsistic Pop on his behalf. It is a great compilation of work by many alternative comic artists and so makes a perfect introduction to some of the work happening in the UK at the moment. Be sure to get yourself a copy!

Don't forget it is also FREE COMIC BOOK DAY tomorrow (I'll miss out because I'll be flying all day booooo!) so go get yourself a copy of Paper Science (or download the pdf!)

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Anonymous said...

Haha.. Sour and Crispy look lost in outer space. Its great!

We met at TCAF this weekend in T.o. and just wanted to say "hey!"

Good luck with all your work and animations with the Mccleod Bros. Keep the "scene" goin!