Friday, 21 May 2010

post TCAF blog post.

. So you have probably already read a bunch of reviews and such like saying what an ace convention TCAF is. So I'm just going to put a couple of photos up and nod in agreement. It was a busy, friendly, fun, exciting comic filled weekend. I spoke to lots of cool people and discovered lots of amazing work I'd never heard of before. I was also on a panel. The whole event was perfectly organised and no where near as stressful as UK conventions. We ( UK comics peoples Marc, Adam, Howard, Julia ) were also armed with a batch of Solipsistic Pop copies which pretty much sold out on the first day!

I was happy that I managed to be careful with my spending at the convention- only getting a couple of choice comics that I'd pre-planned to buy there. Annoyingly the next day I went to The Beguiling and spent a small fortune. So soon you can expect a blog post of reviews of my purchases! Here are a few convention photos...

Things I liked best about Canada (I went to Montreal then Toronto)-

1) Big gross food

2) Finding a Zoltar machine at Niagara Falls

3) Best ever comic shop ever

4) Milk duds
5) Pancakes (crepes and breakfast pancakes, Fran's Diner ♥ )

6) Vintage shops and biscuits at Kensington Markets-

Hm, maybe I should have summarised numbers 1, 4, 5 and 6 as food. I also enjoyed the Planetarium in Montreal and running around the XMen Mansion.

I'm hungry now.

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