Monday, 22 February 2010

Web and Mini Comix Thing!

The Web and Mini Comix Thing isn't until the 27th of March but I just wanted to give a mention to this awesome sticker collection treasure hunt thing that will be happening on the day called Dino-Saw-Us so you can be involved too. If you are going and have a stall you can join up as a sticker or stamp person! (This will encourage more people to visit your stall and buy things maybe! Plus collecting things is fun) If you are going to the convention as a customer to can pick up a book from the front desk and start your collection on the day! Hopefully it will run at other events too so if you can't make this one don't worry you won't miss out. do check out the blog and get in contact if you want to be involved.

Also, today my new mini comics went to the printers, I'm also working on a bigger comic but not sure when that will be done- hopefully that will be ready for the Web and Mini Comix Thing too! Yippee!

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