Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Pigeon Post!

Pigeons on the pavement
Pigeons on the sidewalk
Pigeons on the KERB!

This is a song I made up about pigeons and here is an illustration of this eventuality.

(Click here if you are interested in the spelling of the word kerb as kerb or curb!)

In other news, the MCC will be at BICS this weekend and I believe copies of Garden Funnies will be on sale on their stall, Watermelon Boy is in there so go grab a copy!

I'm also currently working on new things for the MCM expo in a few weeks and Thought Bubble in November, more details on that soon!


Michael said...

Huh, that made me doubt whether I could spell kerb or not. Thankfully, it turned out that I can, phew!

Lizz said...

Well done. I personally like it spelt as kirb, like kirby. But the world frowns on made up spellings.