Friday, 18 September 2015

Win a MINI (mountain!)

Hello everyone, a special competition this month! I'm taking my #MovingMountainsExhibition to Frankfurt in October so to celebrate I thought I would give you the chance to win a mini mountain of your own!

The competition is open to Fun Club members only so if you are not a member sign up today for just $1 and here is how to enter-

Draw me a picture! I'm collecting Street Dawgz fan art so you could draw something for that, or a mountain character, or any of your favourite characters. Then tweet or instagram your drawing @lizzlizz with a link to quoting "Win a Mini (mountain) competition entry!"

If you don't like drawing you could also make something and take a photo, or write a poem! Anything you like as long as it is inspired by my comics and characters in some way. You can also email your entries to sushimonsters at gmail dot com

The competition will run until Halloween then I will announce the winner! Good luck! Feel free to enter as many times as you like. There will be runners up prizes too!


Thata Melia said...
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