Thursday, 13 November 2014

Street Dawgz at Thought Bubble

This weekend I will be at Thought Bubble in Leeds at table 149 sharing with Joe Decie and Dorris McComics and hopefully I will have my new Street Dawgz comic for sale as well as Many Moons prints.

You can find our table in New Dock Hall if you print out and follow this simple map- enter at the door, turn right, go around Gandalf, follow the path to the right until you reach the robot then look out for Chewbacca, we are just there at number 149. 149. Remember that number, it's the only table you'll need to visit. One four nine.

My Street Dawgz comic is an experimental comic from the new humour outfit Lame Duck. I decided to try out an idea I haven't tried before which is to draw a comic and print it as it is with no corrections and no edits. I drew the comic over the course of 5 months and it reflects the mood I was in whilst drawing it so the style becomes wilder or calmer in different parts. I would usually draw a comic in rough then redraw it neater for print but this time I wanted to retain the original rough lines in the final comic which is why it is a bit different to things I have done before. This is the cover:

I also have these Many Moons prints for sale- they show the correct number of moons each planet has (not to scale)

I will be selling them both online soon but until then if you are not going to be at Thought Bubble you can join my Fun Club here where all $5 members will be getting a free PDF of Street Dawgz very soon!

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