Saturday, 7 June 2014

University animation

Hello hello,

A quick blog post just to explain my lack of updates since Pictoplasma. When I got back weeks ago I went straight to work at the University of Birmingham where I work for one month of the year as an exam invigilator. I have done this job for 8 years now and I suspect this will be my last year, I've written some comics about it which I plan to release in a book that I'm working on. Because of the long hours I've fallen behind on usual work but each day I took a photo of the University clock tower and made this gif:

Only like 3 sunny days in a month, bleurgh!

So this week I'll be getting back on track and finally posting my Lost Pets report as well as many other blog updates I haven't had time to do yet. 

I'm also moving house at the moment so everything is a big mess. I'm getting rid of everything I own so if you want anything get in touch (anyone want an old lightbox? a million books? I said books not bucks)

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