Thursday, 5 April 2012

I Spy.... NEW BOOKS!

Woo! I collected my books from the printers today so if you have placed an early pre-order you can expect yours soon!

And here for the first time together you will see the first two in the series of I Spy influenced comics:

I'm already working on the next one. You might remember my original post explaining the idea of having a series like the original I Spy books of our youth (like these beauts!)

Here are further potential titles:

At the Cinema
At the Post Office
At the Car Boot Sale
At the Jungle
At the Carpet Factory
At the Garden Centre
At Your House Watching You Sleep


And a rainbow of mini comics!

Don't forget you can still pre-order all of the above right here!

1 comment:

Selina said...

obviously 'At Your House Watching You Sleep' is a must do title.Everything looks awesome!