Friday, 30 March 2012

New stuff!

I have been working really hard lately on lots of new things.

Firstly: a postcard book with Joe List and Soju Tanaka! I will probably do a separate blog post about this next Friday with photos of the book when it is back from print and some preview pages, here is the cover:

A new 16 page comic! Holiday at the seaside themed! AT THE CAVES!

A new mini comic which is being released to accompany the Once Upon A Time in the Midlands exhibition where I will be exhibiting (and selling) original BOGMEN artwork:

A reprint of Tofu + Cats by popular demand! This second print run will be printed in chestnut brown one side and blue the other to make it slightly different from the original release (which was years ago)

I will also have NEW BADGES! ...but that's enough new stuff for today.

You can predorder them all in my shop now! I will be shipping out orders on 17th April so be sure to pre-order if you can't make it to Comica where they will all be for sale! I'll also be taking a few sample copies to Pictoplasma so if you happen to be at that you might be able to grab one. And they will be for sale at TCAF FOR SURE!

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Traveller28 said...

Tofu cats!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D