Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Since the start of September you may have noticed a lack of online comics on my website again. This is because I've been busy working on various projects that are taking up most of my time. I'll be announcing more exciting news soon but for now- here are the main things I've been drawing the past few weeks :
Depressed Cat THE BOOK! If I get it finished in time I hope to release the book at Thought Bubble, put possibly earlier if it is back from the printers before then. It will be a textured cover A6 size comic book with a spine (A SPINE!) collecting all the DC strips and lots of new ones too! I'm also collecting fan art so if you want to send in a drawing of DC please do. The fan art will all go on the website and here on the blog when the book is launched. Don't forget to follow DC's tweets!

I have also been working on Solipsistic Pop 4 (For this I have written a three page story about mind mapping for issue theme of maps) and Ink and Paper! (In this I have a two page story about a fortune teller) Sneak peeks of both below! Don't forget you can still fund/pre-order sol pop here.

I think I will probably be delaying the release of At The Lighthouse until next March so that there is a new "At The..." comic every year (unless I suddenly get a lot done in the next few weeks in which case it could be out soon)

Anyway, here is a comic as a special prize for this week. And tomorrow is Grizzly Bear Thursday!

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Trav28 said...

Good luck with the book!