Monday, 15 November 2010

At The Planetarium!

My new comic "At The Planetarium" is out today! You can buy it from the online shop or from Here Gallery in Bristol, Here and Now Gallery in Cornwall and Orbital Comics in London. I'm sending out copies this week to other stockists too and will be selling it at Thought Bubble this weekend and Alternative Press Fair in a few weeks.

It is the first in a collection of comics based very loosely on the idea of the I Spy books- each will have a theme title of a "day out" adventure and some of the strips inside will be about the theme- so in this comic that will be SPACE! They do not continue so, as with I Spy books, you can buy them as one off books without needing the others or can collect them like a set.

The inside cover is a star chart-

And for a change it is printed in midnight blue ink-

Future comics may or may not include-

"At the Cove"
"At the Circus"
"At the Video Shop"
"At the Safari Park"
"At the Bog"

You can also buy the Hairy Midget Elf toys (now with individual names and date of birth!) in the online shop and prints should be in shop this week too.

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Myles said...

Oooo! Looks great!