Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Orbital Exhibition!

I had some work up recently for the Solipsistic Pop exhibition at Orbital Comics in London! Above are a few photos they sent me. They have my new comics in stock (but think they are running low so I'll take more in by this weekend!)

I'll be in London for the Comica Festiva Comiket event this Sunday- I don't have a stall but I'll be milling around and drinking tea and eating biscuits.


Timothy Winchester said...

Lizz! I took a picture of these on Saturday and was going to send it to you...but then I figured you wouldn't need a picture since you've already seen them?

Jaymie said...

i have just found your website! and i am in loveeee, i am purchasing two of your past zines, gutted the sushi ones are sold haha i am totally addicted to vegeterian sushi, you sound so like me unicorns, wolves, kittens, tofu, veggie and sushi.
so yeah basically amaze!

Lizz said...

Timothy Winchester- send it to me anyway!!

Jaymie- thank you! I have a couple of sushi ones left somewhere if you want one? they are £5- if you paypal me I'll pop one in with your order and a few extras too! so glad you like my work- you are right: unicorns, wolves, kittens, tofu, veggie and sushi are the BEST! :oD