Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Shop news!

A quick bit of shop news- I'm almost sold out of I Love Dinosaurs and Waiting for Sushi, the last few will be available in the shop until next week!! I have no plans to reprint them again...EVER! DUN DUN DUN. So if you've always wanted a copy or as a gift or have read your copy so much that it is covered in fingerprints and creased pages smeared in tears and blood then order a fresh shiny copy before next week! I may have a couple on stalls until I finally can't find any more lurking around my house but I estimate there are less than 5 copies of each left so they won't last long...

Also, I was sad to hear that building work has threatened one of my all time favourite comic shops OK Comics in Leeds. If you live in Leeds, or even if you don't- go buy plenty of comics from them to help them get through this (buy online here and here!)

I will have news of stockists updates soon- also my website is undergoing a bit of a redesign so should be changing over summer- and the online comic hasn't died, it will be back soon!

ANDDD one more thing while you are here (you're still here right?) I'll be at Caption with the Dino-Saw-Us team in two weeks so be sure to come along for prizes and special stickers and sweets. Oh and comics.

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