Friday, 22 January 2010


Last week I was tagged by Bit Cat to write a list of 10 things that make me happy, so... I've drawn them and I also decided to do 10 things that make me angry as a balance! (angry ones first to end on a positive note!)

1) Buses! (waiting for them, being on them, people on them, paying for them, looking at them)

2) Smoking! People who smoke, stop it!

3) Windy weather!

4) Stupid/mean people!

5) My cat!

6) Headaches!

7) Spilling hot tea on self!

8) When people die!

9) Losing things!

10) Missing something that I planned to watch on TV!

1) Awesome people! (friends and family, etc)

2) Bed! (sleeping, spending all day in bed watching films/documentaries!)

3) Drawing!

4) Finding something good in a charity/vintage shop/car boot sale!

5) My cat!

6) Nintendo!

7) Theme Parks!

8) Good books!

9) Getting post!

10) Japanese food!

I also just thought of more for each! angry- people who eat loudly/car alarms/Jimmy Carr's laugh and happy- the internet and tea!! ...but that would be too many. I don't tag people but if you want to do this too go ahead (let me know if you do and I'll link you!)

Yep so, that's all for today. More blog fun on Monday.


Timothy Winchester said...

Amazing list action!

You totally need to colour in Mario and Luigi. I need to start drawing things I like.

Lizz said...

Thanks! You should do one!

I might colour them now and put them on facebook....

jel420 said...

OH LIZ this was so lovely it made me smile so wide. xxxxxxxxx

liebchen said...

liz its jenn by the way ! <3 x